Fox_DL’s Guide to the Hall of Abyss in pRO

The Hall of Abyss is the latest patch to be implemented in pRO’s Sakray Server and will hit the official servers shortly. This article assumes that you are the leader of a guild in pRO or know how to create one in case you will try the feature in Sakray server. If you are going to Sakray, and do not know your way around, please refer to my previous guide linked below:

The Hall of Abyss is a new guild dungeon with new MVPs which drop very powerful weapons. Those weapons are the so-called Velum weapons. In order for you to begin your quest, you must own at least one castle in any of the four WOE1 realms. Once you own a castle, you have to speak with a representative from the Cat Paw Merchant guild usually stationed in the middle of the map. Shown below are the locations of every representative.


Greenwood Lake



Once your guild has occupied a castle, speak with the Cat Paw Merchant Guild representative.

Select your guild. If your guild does not occupy a castle but is allied with that does, you can select that guild so you can contribute to their effort to access the Hall of Abyss.

You have two options. You can invest using zenny or thru certificates awarded by completing missions in Malangdo.

The minimum investment is 10,000 zenny. If you would like to make a contribution other than the ones that can be selected, input another amount.

The maximum investment you can make in pRO Sakray is 200 units or 2 million zenny.

As a token of gratitude for your contribution, you will be rewarded with Thanks Invest tickets.

The investment tickets can be exchanged for cool items in Malangdo. Just look for the ticket machine and make a purchase.

You can purchase element proof potions or elemental converters!

The Hall of Abyss patch also comes with these armors.. You can get the armors (given in random) shown below from the same machine by purchasing the Black Paw jellybag. The live servers may have a different setup so please check any announcements made at the official pRO Facebook page


Thanks to GM Vazilos for sharing the information regarding this patch.
IGNs Haemon Martyrdom and Archer Prototype for helping me explore HoA.
Bean of whom I racked brains with trying to figure out the HoA mechanics.
IGN Moggy V2 for helping me with the investments during the first few weeks.


The Great pRO Sakray Sale Just Went Even Greater!

Residents of Sakray server logged on to new exciting items that being sold at the Cash shop. I was very excited with the so-called “PH Armor Series” sold for just 1 Rok. if you do not know what the attributes are, I’ll be glad to show them to you.

Once you log in to Sakray, just click on the Cash Shop icon at the upper right hand side of the screen (just beside the mini-map). Here are the newly implemented items in Sakray:

The “Transformer” scrolls enable you to change character sprites. The effect only lasts 20 minutes. Clearly a for fun item. You can still perform skills and attacks. I had a riot when I tested the scrolls in PVP.

As for the Ph armors, there’s a reason why they are only sold for only 1 Rok. The armors can only upgraded with the White dancer NPC and nowhere else. Since that is so, It looks like that the PH Armors will be implemented the same way in commercial servers. There will be no option to upgrade it using deeds and other ores.

The Costama Eggs provide Costume armors. I purchase 10 of each and did not get any duplicates so there may be a wide range of items available.

Some of the items below already appeared on my previous article.

The highlights of this section are the luxury items sold in commercial servers.

The section of the cash shop shown above has recently been updated. The latest addition to the list of MVP cards in Sakray are the Upgrade Bow Guardian card and the Beelzebub card which were not available last season.

The other sections remain unchanged and contain items you may already be familiar with.

GM Vazilos issues a challenge to Sakray players

GM Vazilos issued a challenge to Sakray players in pRO to upgrade any of the PH Armor series to a +9, trade it with him and get the same armor in return. Only this time, the armor would have an upgrade of +11.

I was able to make a +9 PH RO 10th Cap and a +9 PH RO 10th Armor which made this blogger, the first player in pRO to own an armor from the PH Armor series upgraded above +10. The screenshot above documents the trade I made with GM Vazilos. I bought 50 PH RO Caps and was able to upgrade it to a +9. I was quite lucky with that but the experience I had upgrading the armor was quite grueling. I had to forge 200 pieces and only one +9 PH RO 10th Armor came out of it.

The last two armors up for grabs are the Robe and Shoes from the series. If you want to have the bragging rights of being the first pRO player to own a +11 PH RO 10th Robe or a +11 PH RO 10th Shoes, log on to Sakray and try your luck. I’ll be happy to give you the proper credit for doing so.

Shown below are some screenshots regarding the stat improvements if you own a Ph Armor upgraded to +11.

Sakray server is a test server and item wipes do happen. But it does not mean that item wipes happen every maintenance. the last item wipes happened on October 2011 and August 2013. So rest assured that you can test everything out to your heart’s content.

pRO Adventurers Uncover Hall of Abyss

PRONTERA, RUNE MIDGARD – Adventurers from all over Rune Midgard are making their way to all four realms (Valkyrie, Greenwood Lake, Britoniah and Luina) and are ready to do battle. At stake are very powerful weapons that can be used in the War of Emperium, potions that can provide better healing than regular ones, armors commemorating the 10th anniversary of pRO and of course, the glory of being the first ones to venture out into this new frontier.

The Cat Paw Merchant guild from Malangdo are the ones in-charge of building the infrastructure that will connect to the Hall of Abyss. The Cat Paw Merchant guild still needs the help of adventurer guilds in order for the project to move forward so they have set up “kiosks” to assist adventurers in the four realms. Members of adventurer guilds have to own a castle in one of the four realms before they can be assisted (the steps will be provided at a later post).

Adventurer guilds have to invest in zennies or items so that the Cat Paw Mechant guild can open certain locations. The details are below:

– invest 20,000,000 zennies and floor two of the guild dungeon is opened.
– invest 70,000,000 zennies and the Hall of Abyss is opened.
– all investments are made public thru the onvestment board in each kiosk
– if there are 5 guilds occupying the castles, their contributions will be totalled and if the total investment reaches 70 million, the Hall of Abyss can be accessed by all 5 guilds. That means that the 5 guild leaders can just talk among themselves on how much each of them will have to contribute in order to save money.
– if there is only one guild has occupied all castles in a specific realm. That guild will have to make an investment of 70 million so the Hall of Abyss can be accessed.

Expedition leader, GM Vazilos is currently working with IGNs Guardian (Bean of the LU forums) and Erza Scarlet (FoxDL of LU forums) to test the HoA mechanics in Sakray server. There were a few quirks (but very significant quirks) that need to be sorted out. One incident was that both Valkyrie and Greenwood Lake realms have reached the required investment amount of 70 million zennies. but only the Valkyrie realm HoA was opened up. GM Vazilos was forced to override all HoA Gate controls so that testing of all four realms can be initiated.

Another quirk encountered during testing was the somewhat confusing description of the Velum items. Shown below is the Velum Claymore. The description is quite lengthy and leads to a lot of confusion. It looks like that the English translation came from kRO and has to be edited for brevity and clarity.

Now this is the iROwiki description of the Velum Claymore.

Status during WoE & PvP:
– Increases damage to players by 80%
– Bypass 30% DEF of players
– If refined to +6 or higher: increases physical damage to players by an additional 40%
– If refined to +9 or higher: has a chance of reflecting received physical and magical damage back to the enemy

The last issue encountered was that the Velum weapons are character bound. It is not the case however, in iRO where Velum weapons can be sold through vending. The weapon refine deeds do not work on Velum items as well. A player has to manually upgrade the weapon with the use of the Blacksmith class.

These issues are still pending resolution so an update will be created once they are solved.

Update: The issue regarding the non-performance of other Hall of Abyss portals has been resolved.

Below are the mini bosses encountered in the Valkyrie realm.

Pyuriel is the priority. He drops a “Weapon Supply Box” which, when opened, contains a random Velum weapon.

So check it for yourself. log on to Sakray and join the effort to conquer this new frontier!

To download the new client:

Bean is not as lazy as I am so check out his blog:

To know more about the Guild Dungeon investment system:

pRO Sakray Re-opened to the Public!

After more than two months of waiting, pRO Sakray was finally re-opened to the public. The server was closed on the morning of August 1st, 2013. If you are new to Sakray, this article is for you. I have taken note of the significant changes made by GM Vazilos to welcome players who would like to test the updates implemented in pRO.

After creating your character, you would be welcomed by GM Vazilos right away.

You would be informed about the nature of Sakray server and you can be warped to Prontera right away. I suggest you select going to town right away unless you really want to explore the Training Grounds.

Once you are warped into Prontera, you would get to meet these NPCs

You work your way with the NPCs from top to bottom. The first NPC provides instant EXP and JEXP items so you would not have to grind your way to max base and job levels. The NPC also gives out Emperium so that you can create your own guild which is really necessary for the next patch to be implemented.

Once you have the EXP and JEXP items, talk to the next NPC.

You get to choose from all basic and expanded classes with this NPC. Once you’re done, talk to the Blue Priest.

Basic rules still apply. You need to have zero weight and zenny to transcend. There should be no carts or mounts with your character. Once you’re done, talk to the Red Knight to change to your 3rd tier class.

Now these NPCs really come in handy. You can reset your stats and skill points whenever you need it. The platinum quests can also be done with the next NPC and the last one refines armors and weapons for free. I still recommend creating your own Whitesmith for weapons though.

Now the reason why Sakray server was closed was to give way for the 4th level of the Biolabs and the Hall of Abyss patches. I’ll write about that shortly. If you have some questions for GM Vazilos you can always check his usual spot. I have to say in advance that he does not respond to customer care related questions but if you have questions about how the server works and fixes for in-game problems he will be happy to help you out with that.

The Royal Guard in the picture is also a blogger. That’s Bean from the LU forums. His IGN is Guardian if he uses his Royal Guard. He’s way ahead of me with regard to Biolabs 4 so just say hi to him if you have some questions.

The Great pRO Sakray Sale: Cash Shop Items at 200 Roks and Below

In an effort to encourage new players to test Ragnarok game-play, the pRO GM Team has decided to offer all items in the Sakray Cash Shop at incredibly low prices. New and veteran players will now have the ability to check how far their planned builds can go. The price drop was implemented right after the 22 May maintenance of Sakray server. I deferred to publish a story about it in order to familiarize myself with the cash shop items available. The highlights are the ones below.

The headgear above are concepts that won the 2012 Headgear Making Contest. The selection, as you can see, also has the Kirin and Arxhangel wings. Wings were an instant hit with Sakray players.

Since the items above are luxury items in commercial servers. You can try them out first in Sakray and see if it fits the look of your character. I really liked the Small Poring band because of the attributes it provided. It helped my Rune Knight reach max ASPD.

Priced at only 20 Roks each, the category offers a wide array of headgears and costumes. The most popular with Sakray players are the Black Frame Glasses, Evil Marching Hat, and Black Feather Beret.

The Sakray players I know of that either own a Genetic or a Mechanic have all availed of the Cute Cart Coupon.The Silvervine Box(40) was popular. I received a lot of queries regarding the item. Being able to purchase several boxes enabled me to enchant my favorite weapon which is shown below.

A Royal Guard who did not want to be credited was kind enough to let me feature his weapon endowed with enchants from Malangdo. And look at that he has a +12 Imperial Spear!

Since I was able to afford an Archangel wing (unlike in commercial server where it retails for PhP 20,000), I was finally able to see what enchants were available. I was able to get Special Luk, Cranial 1Lv and Vit + 2.

Special Luk
If the item’s refine level is 8, Luk + 3 additionally. If the item’s refine level is 9, MHP + 1 percent additionally. If the item’s refine level is 12, ASPD + 1. Decreases casting time by 7 percent.

Cranial 1Lv
Reduces damage from demihumans by 5%

HG Martyrdom (who also plays as Haemon Martyrdom in Valkyrie Server) showed me ehat enchants he got for his Archangel wing. He got Special Vit and Spell 2Lv.

Special Vit
If the item’s refine level is 8, vit + 3 additionally. If the item’s refine level is 9, SP + 1 percent additionally. If the item’s refine level is 12, ASPD + 1. Decreases casting time by 7 percent.

Spell 2Lv
Matk + 9. Decrease casting time by 6%.

Some final words

– There will be “Unknown Items” included in the cash shop. GM Vazilos said that those items are still undergoing some testing. DO NOT try to purchase any of them. I have tried it already and what happened was that the system deducted the amount from my Rok points but I did not get an “unknown item”.

– A lot of the new headgears in cash shop are not tradeable.

– Item wipes in pRO Sakray is inevitable so just treat all your items as rentals. Keep in mind that NEOs are sold at 200 Roks and above in commercial servers and last only a week. Your 200 Rok or 20 Rok item in Sakray lasts for several months so it is still a worthwhile purchase.

– I would also like thank all the people who have shared my articles through Facebook especially GM Anael and former GM Aeon who have featured my articles on their own facebook pages.

pRO School Cap Quest

I stumbled upon these two NPCs while making my way to Payon cave in Sakray. Since I know for a fact that they do not exist at the live servers at the moment, they must be offering new quests.

And yes, it turns out that they are offering a quests and the rewards are the following:

Angel School Cap

This item cannot be traded with other account. The symbol of good student, it represents the enthusiastic in helping.

VIT +1 INT +2
Location: Upper
Weight: 10
Level Req.: 1
Job: All
Kafra: Yes
Trade: No

Just talk to any of the NPCs and accept their request.

If you accept the honor student quest, the same character will not be able to do the naughty student quest. Have another character do that instead.

Like I mentioned, I was only able to finish the honor student quest. What happened was that the npc asked me for the following items:

50 Raccoon Leaf
50 Heart of Mermaid
30 Ice Cubic
40 Silky cloth
40 Pumpkin bucket / lantern

I encountered a glitch in Sakray where the NPC asked for 30 Ice Piece instead of 30 Ice Cubic. Those are two different things. The Ice piece is a rarer drop than Ice cubic but they can drop from the same monster: Gazetis. I jumped on this quest the first week it got implemented in Sakray so I had GM Vazilos informed about the issue. He said that QA wasn’t done yet regarding the scripts. I’m confident that it can be sorted out once the quests hit the other servers. But if you’re playing in Sakray right now, hunt 30 Ice cubic instead of Ice Piece.

Devil School Cap

This item cannot be traded with other account. The symbol of naughty student, it represents the devil and troublesome.

VIT +1 STR +2
Location: Upper
Weight: 10
Level Req.: 1
Job: All
Kafra: Yes
Trade: No

There are no glitches with regard to the items that the NPC is asking for. It’s just that obtaining the the first item would be very hard if you do not have it on stock.

50 Baby milk bottle
50 Blade of pinwheel
40 Old Japanese Clothes
30 Tengu’s nose
40 Black kitty doll


This Genetic is the first ever person to finish the quest (besides yours truly, of course). So he deserves an honorable mention. I did notice his guild position so I’m gonna beat him up in PVP later. Not because he called my character weak but because he got the name misspelled. It’s Erza, dude!


Meet the very first player in pRO who was able to finish the naughty student quest. It really was a huge surprise to find out that he/she was also a Fairy Tail fan. It was such an honor to meet the First Master!


Once you have finished the quest, you have the option to trade the school cap you have for either the Angel School Gift Box or the Devil School gift Box. Just talk to the same npc where you have gotten the reward from and have 100 Midgard coins ready.

I was more interested having the Evoked Naughty/Delinquent student cap upgraded so here it is..

Godly Deeds: If You Want It, Log On And Get It!

I was trying to decide what would be a nice armor to upgrade when I saw this Sura with a Bravery Bag. I tried to check if I can view his equipment and I was able to! Here’s what I saw:

Bravery Bags are sold at the Sakray NPCs at 100 Roks so I thought that he must have insanely purchased and upgraded the Bravery Bag, weapon and armors. But I saw the same Sura with these on:

Now, I have tested all woe1 and woe2 castles for 2 weeks. I was also able to have the economy of one castle reach to 100 and found that the treasure boxes did not drop any godly ingredients. I then asked around if some people had premium service on and I was informed that if you had such, you will have access to godly equipment.

If you have been fancying to own a godly equip but do not have a guild or is not crazy enough to shell out hard earned cash at the black market, just log on to Sakray and test the equipment yourself!

If you want to know what it feels like to have a +11 weapon or armor refine deed, Sakray is the place to go also.

Of course you still need Rok points and items do get wiped in Sakray but if you want to see what kinds of improvement godlies or high end weapon/armor deeds can do to your character, Sakray is the way to go.

Note: I was informed that the Mjolnir did not work (it seems that the same is true with the commercial servers). I have also tested the Kiel and Leak MVP cards and they also do not work so avoid them first. I’ll make an update as soon as I have received confirmation that the issues get to be fixed.

Now these guys helped me with testing out the new abilities gained by my character. A bunch of thanks to jan jan, OmeLetTe, Kenneth M, and Surume.

Update: I was able to get in touch with the owner of the Sura who had godly equipment and he allowed me to post his character name. Since he also purchased a Mjolnir, he informed me that it is now working in Sakray. So if you own one, go ahead and test it to your hearts content. A bunch of thanks to Sinister Sura!

Update 2: Thanks to Craytoss, guild leader of the Straw Hats guild for a correction. He said that GODLY INGREDIENTS DO DROP IN SAKRAY. WOE1 and WOE2 in Sakray happens everyday in Sakray from 11am to 1pm.

Update 3: the Mjolnir now works in Sakray server, apologies for the delay in updating this article.