Changing In-Game Music in RO2


In my first review, I mentioned that I have not delved far into the game to make any positive or negative statements about the music in RO2. Well I posted that review a few minutes before I entered Prontera and was really disappointed with the lack of care put into the selection of appropriate music. So I tried to check if I can fool the game system into playing the “Prontera Theme” from the original and it turned out to be a simple endeavor.

First, you open the BGM folder in RO2 by following this path:

Playpark Path

Well, if you don’t find your RO2 folder using this default path, then it’s because you specified that RO2 should be put on another location during the installation.

Under the BGM folder, you would see that the music files were named according to the locations they are played. Here’s an example:

Music Examples

So if you still have the original Ragnarok Online installed in your PC, just copy and paste into RO2’s BGM folder and rename it to “Prontera Theme” to overwrite the current music. I have both iRO and pRO installed and the Theme of Prontera has a filename of 08.mp3.

So there, you now have the ability to  enjoy the music we all fell in love with from the original.


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